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Content Creation Guideline

Aug 25, 2022
3 minutes

Content Creation Guidelines

Getting Started

There can be different ways to approach Content Creation. You can start with one of the following in mind:

  • Domain - Choose a domain of your choice. Proceed to look up topics which you think would interest others. - Try to choose domains which interest multiple classes of target audience. This way, you can help enable cross-domain conversations.

  • Technology/Product - Choose a Technology/Application/Product of your choice. Break it down to different individual layers and choose one to write/talk about.

  • Videos/Blogs/Podcasts - Pick up technical content from videos/blogs/podcasts. Before you proceed to write these down, look up a few more articles to be confident about your content ! - A few personal recommendations all of you might already be familiar with: - MKBHD (Do also check out the [WaveForm Podcast](Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast)) - MrWhoseTheBoss - JerryRigEverything - Linus Tech Tips - Digit - The Verge (Do also check out the [Verge Podcast](Podcasts from The Verge - The Verge)) - Microsoft Reactor

  • Personal/Group Projects - What better way to flex your projects ?? Do it here ! Pick content from your own/group projects.

  • Go Fishing - Surf through the web for various articles and chose ones which you think might gain interest !

Content Development

Once you’ve decided on the topic you’d like to proceed with, start developing content for your post. Make sure to validate your content; you don’t want to spread incorrect knowledge. Here are a few tips to help you create noteworthy content:

  • Know your Target Audience -

    • Before you start creating content for your post, make sure you have a fair idea of the level of expertise of your chosen target audience.
    • You’d ideally want your posts to be legible and at the same time, not too simple - to provide the audience with something to ponder about.
  • Try to keep it Short, Precise and Simple -

    • Do not overload your posts.
    • Make sure you’ve set a Threshold. This is to ensure that most of the target audience has an idea on the topic you chose by skimming through the content. If you’d like to add further descriptive articles:
      • Add links to related articles/websites.
      • Add articles in the form of attachments at the end of each post.
  • Pretty Printing -

    • Make sure your content is formatted (Indented bullet/numbered lists).
    • Make sure to include images if you’re developing content.
    • Add BOLD, Italic, Code Blocks, Links text wherever needed.
    • If you wish to include descriptive articles, Do Not Copy content into your post, let the websites do their work - Visual Appeal is important too ! (Discord wont offer you too much in terms of visual appeals/customization)
  • Include Examples -

    • Include links to GitHub repos, code/application based examples to provide the audience with a chance to better understand the topic at hand.
  • Run a quick grammar/language check before you post the article. Try to use fancy/professional vocabulary to enhance your feed.

Maintain the pace

Enthusiasm is great, but try not to deliver at a rate which might be hard to keep up as you progress. Sustain and maintain a balanced pace at which you facilitate content.


Ensure you learn in the process too !

Created by Manab Kumar Biswas